So you’re ready to start looking for scholarships. And you’re not quite sure how to begin the process of research and looking for scholarships. Well, we will help you to find some places where you can start your search for scholarships, and we’re going through the types of scholarships that you can apply for, whether you are starting your search now in university or your search in high school or even in grade 10 to get your head start on the process.

Alright, so you’ve started the scholarship search process. You feel getting a little bit lost on where to go about finding scholarships, and what different types of scholarships you might be eligible to apply. So in today’s post, we’ll be giving you six steps on where you can go about searching for scholarships and what types of scholarships out there, and we’ll be talking about the differences between them.

First step: taking a look at your high school

This applies for high school students it also applies for post-secondary students if you are in post-secondary school but take a look at your internal high school scholarships offered from your school, and your school actually might have about fifty to a hundred different scholarships that they offer, so it is worthwhile checking what the requirements are to see if you’re eligible for your school scholarships, these scholarships are also less competitive than other major scholarships that are not within your school, and one tip that we have for this process is if you’re at your high school right now and you’re in grade 10 or 11, we would encourage you to go and speak with your counselor to see what scholarships that are available for you when you’re in class 12, that way you’ll be able to start any requirement that they need for that scholarship so that you’ll be eligible for it in grade 12, and this also applies to the University students take a look at what your school offers that you’re currently in your post-secondary schooling and you’ll be able to see what you are eligible for at your school itself for internal scholarships.

Second step: take a look at the universities programs.

Take a look at your university websites, because you’ll never know if there is a specific scholarship for the program that you’re going into, sometimes if your program is very specialized, they’ll have specific scholarships geared towards what program. Then we highly encourage you to take a look at your plans, go unto your University website and check out the program page, and you’ll be able to see if they offer any scholarships for your program that you want to go into, or that you’re already in.

Third step: affiliate scholarships.

This type of scholarships is offered through different activities that you’re involved in various clubs, if you’re part of a particular demographic or if you’re part of any organization or foundation. Affiliate scholarships tend to be less competitive compared to other scholarships. Some areas that you want to take a look for affiliate scholarships are your employer, the club that you’re involved in, your bank, your parents’ employers and any clubs societies or communities that you’re part of etc. Therefore you should apply to this type of scholarships because they are less competitive. 

Fourth step: scholarships for athletics.

If you’re athletic, you also want to take a look at the school that you’re going to, to see if they will offer you a scholarship with the athletics, with the type of sport that you’re part of. So if you’re in curling, you can contact your university and see if there are any scholarships for curlers that you can go on to the curling team at your university or college as well.

Step number five: find university or call it that you will be attending.

It is a great resource to go on your University or College website to see if they have any scholarships to offer, so scholarships that are offered from universities tend to be based on merit financial need, or grades based, so for grades based scholarships you’ll have to have a certain percentage to meet a certain scholarship so what we encourage you to do is go on their website they’ll have a graph of what great percentage you need for a certain amount of money for a scholarship, and you’ll be able to see what you’re eligible for, scholarships based off merit they’re geared towards community involvement and so you’ll have a high grade average and you’ll also need community involvement and leadership experience, when it comes to financial need we highly encourage you to take a look at those scholarships, because it could be simply discussing you know your financial need within a paragraph or a short answer question saying you know your family is not able to support you in University therefore you need the scholarship or it could be actually an actual breakdown of what your family’s income looks like and how much you need for a certain amount, and how much you need for you know your tuition your board your food your books, it might be a complete breakdown of that you never know, so it’s really good to take a look at those scholarships because it might be might be a lot more simple than you think, we wanted to talk about an example of looking at a university scholarship and so when we went on to the University of Toronto’s website we actually found a ton of scholarships broadcasted on their website, we had about like 25 pages to sift through looking at scholarships, this also ranged from helping domestic students and international students so if you’re an international student or domestic student we highly encourage you to take a look at the University of Toronto’s website because we even found scholarships that don’t even necessarily need you to go to the University of Toronto they’re just offered on their website as well.

Step number six: external scholarships.

External scholarships generally offered outside of school; this type is offered through businesses, foundations, banks, and large corporations charities. They are less competitive; however, they’re quite hard to find and time-consuming, because you’ll have to go in and research every association and click through their website to see if they offer anything.


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